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Five. Five items were removed. I sent you a PM so you knew that a fully naked woman should be listed under an A rating, and I corrected the ratings for you. All you had to do was rate things correctly in the future. But, no, you decided to change them back to the wrong ratings, more than once. What exactly did you think would happen?

For one, I wasn't aware that full nudity was A rated, I got a message about and and then saw the changes, I didn't know that was a thing that you could do, as far as I was aware, there was a mistake or something, and regarding that rating, what kind of website runs two different ratings for 18+ content where a naked picture is the same level of rating as a 10 person gang bang?

That's insane, you literally have a "mature" rating but somehow simple nudity is on the same level as hardcore porn, that's not just dumb, that's just inviting stuff like this to happen, specially when your message system only gives a random link to your TOS and it's up to me to read the whole thing and try to figure out what exactly went wrong, even worst, after seeing the mistake, which took me basically guessing which of your rules I broke, I tried to go back and fix the problem, realizing where the mistake was and how to set things properly, only to find out, I couldn't fix a damn thing!

So what's the point of having 2 ratings for mature content without a clear distinction and any form of common sense? even more so if after the mistake is found, you give us no tools to correct it, at that point, it's basically a coin toss to see if you realize the problem before you're told, or hope that the next time you remember the TOS before this nonsense happens again, now I know that anything including full nudity would be "A" rated, but I no longer care, I've had enough of websites with random ratings and TOS nonsense, specially the ones that don't allow you the option to fix the mistakes you make after they happen.

Maybe if you did actually read things (like my original PM and my previous comment here), your life would simpler, and less stressful.

ohh, I figured how to make my life simpler, I'm just not posting in your website anymore, as my comment showed, see? simple ^_^

@Exedor @Magra I would contact Tom or someone in similar position, if you are still willing, about moderator bias and more clearer rules, and maybe with examples, since some mods also have trouble understanding the site rules.

I've seen many artists in your position and they also chose to do nothing about it. A by passer like me can do very little to fix your problem.

Regardless of the rules you deserve it for drawing incest and Anthropomorphic porn lil bro. Fuck you and any other fag who draws weird shit like that

pfff, get fucked you dumbass xD